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24th April 2023:  Major upgrade

A major upgrade of the website has now taken place. The number of Mathematica notebooks has almost doubled and all the notebooks have been tested with Version 13.2 of the software. The RESOURCES tab shows the structure of the book and has links to the associated notebooks and movies for each section.

The resources have been provided to help readers understand the content of the book and no claims are made about the efficiency (or even correctness) of the software. If you have any comments or questions please use the Contact tab to send me an email or go through my QMUL home page.

Carl Murray

3rd April 2023:  Error Update

The list of known errors has been updated to include a correction to Fig.9.35. The amplitude of the libration is 76° and so the libration arc should cover twice that, or 152°. A Mathematica notebook to generate the new version of the diagram will be included in a planned upgrade to the site to be released soon.

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